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Gloo Mesh Enterprise Beta

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Gloo Mesh is the service mesh management plane for single to multi-cluster and multi-platform configuration, global failover routing, and operations. As a Kubernetes-native control plane, Gloo Mesh streamlines administration and unifies management as service mesh environments scales across clusters, clouds, and regions. 

The recently announced Gloo Mesh Enterprise adds security, management, and commercial support to the open source edition, including:

  • Role Based API for delegated service mesh access and ownership to configure policies     
  • Production Istio Support  including validated upstream software, maintenance, patches/hotfixes, and long-term support (LTS)
  • Operational Observability with unified dashboard with status and health across service mesh clusters, services, and workloads
  • Integrated WebAssembly modules and tooling to customize service mesh behavior

The Gloo Mesh Enterprise beta will be available at the end of 2020. 

Website_Diagrams_110520-V3_Gloo Mesh Diagram