Production Istio Support

Ready to Deploy Istio Service Mesh?

Thank you for your interest in production support for Istio service mesh. is the service connectivity company providing API Infrastructure solutions from the edge to service mesh to enable, secure, and manage the modern application network at scale across clusters and clouds.

We offer support for open source Istio software as part of Gloo Mesh Enterprise, our service mesh management plane. Included in Gloo Mesh Enterprise:

  • 24/7 Production and long-term support (LTS) of validated upstream Istio software
  • 1 year of software maintenance and support per major Istio release
  • Patches and hot-fixes for supported Istio versions
  • Consistent single to multi-cluster and multi-cloud service mesh configuration and operation
  • Multi-platform service mesh support: Istio, AWS App Mesh, and Open Service Mesh
  • Global failover and locality-aware routing
  • Role based API for persona based configuration delegation and ownership
  • System health and status dashboard for operational observability
  • Integrated WebAssembly for side car proxy customization

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