Get our KubeCon Recap! solves service connectivity for Kubernetes from the edge to service mesh with our Gloo API Infrastructure platform. Enable, secure, and manage the application network through APIs. 

Stop by our virtual booth to chat with our engineers, attend one of our talks or demos to learn more about the technologies in the Gloo API infrastructure Platform:

  • Gloo Mesh: Service mesh management plane for single to multi-cluster and multi-platform operations
  • Gloo Edge: Next generation API gateway and Ingress Controller built with Envoy Proxy 
  • Gloo Portal: Developer portal to catalog and securely expose running application APIs in Istio and Gloo Edge to developers and partners. 
  • Gloo Extensions: Tooling to extend Envoy based application networks with WebAssembly 

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Our KubeCon Agenda

Live Online Demo Series 

Wednesday | Nov 18th at 12pm ET / 5pm GMT

Join Denis Jannot for a demo featuring Gloo Mesh for multi-cluster service mesh configuration, management, failover routing, and a look at the latest Gloo Mesh Enterprise announcement with role-based API for delegated ownership and observability. 

Thursday | Nov 19th at 3pm ET / 8pm GMT

Yuval Kohavi and Shane O'Donnell demonstrate how WebAssembly is changing how to extend and customize the behavior of Envoy Proxy with custom filters developed in any language as wasm modules.

Friday | Nov 20th at 2pm ET / 7pm GMT

Christian Posta talks shows how to facilitate, shape, and secure traffic at the edge with Envoy Proxy and Gloo Edge control plane.

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[Announcement] New Gloo API Infrastructure

Learn more about the rebranded portfolio Gloo API Infrastructure Platform for application networking solutions from the edge to service mesh, and the new Gloo Mesh Enterprise.

Gloo Mesh Enterprise Beta 

Coming December 2020 is the Gloo Mesh Enterprise beta which adds the following features to the open source project: Role-based API and observability dashboard with production and long-term support (LTS) with patches and hotfixes for validated upstream Istio.

Upcoming Events

Register for upcoming webinars and workshops to learn more and try API infrastructure  

Self-Paced Tutorials

We've partnered with Katacoda to provide Gloo Edge tutorials for edge traffic routing, security, and federation.

Featured Talks


Tuesday, November 17th
Global Field CTO, Christian Posta joins this year's ServiceMeshCon agenda to talk about how to take service mesh a step further with WebAssembly. 


Friday, November 20th

Idit Levine, CEO and Yuval Kohavi, Chief Architect talk about how to take Envoy proxy beyond C++ with custom filters written in languages like Rust, AssemblyScript, TinyGo, and more.


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